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Axiell launches Digital Asset Management solution for museums and archives

New solution improves efficiency and collaboration for digital assets between marketing and collection departments

Lund, Sweden, 16 May 2017 –  Axiell, the leading vendor globally of collections management software to archives, libraries and museums, today announces Axiell DAMS, a new system which is designed to efficiently manage the digital assets within an institution.  The solution ensures that marketing, communication and public engagement departments can easily leverage their digital assets for marketing and promotional purposes, while maintaining quality and control over the assets. This new solution has been developed to ensure that the wealth of digital media that is being curated and managed by the collections department is easily accessible throughout the whole institution.

Institutions around the world are striving to increase visitor numbers and increase engagement with their collections and marketing and communication departments play a key role in reaching and attracting new audiences. Research conducted by Axiell in 2017 shows that 62% of institutions are investing more in their marketing online platforms and communication strategies. The research also shows that most institutions, 66 %, state they can improve the efficiency of managing content and presenting it to relevant audiences.

“Axiell DAMS is designed to improve the collaboration between marketing and the collections department around digital assets, for the benefit of the institution,” says Adam Schatz, Managing Director Axiell ALM. “With this solution, marketers, communication departments and public engagement teams can easily access, search, save and download a range of digital media to effectively promote and bring their collection to life.”

Marketing departments at collecting institutions create content for online and offline use. To their benefit, they should also have easy access to the range of image, video, audio files created and preserved by the collections team. Axiell DAMS is designed to make the process of managing digital assets efficient. Removing any barriers around content and its sources will ensure that institutions can efficiently to create meaningful and engaging communications content that will attract relevant audiences.

Axiell DAMS is also designed to help museum and archives preserve and protect their collections. Axiell DAMS enables the collections department to maintain the integrity of their collections data by allowing them to manage their assets to industry museums and archival standards and implement their digital preservation strategies. This approach means that both the collections and communications teams are able to use one system to meet their needs.

“Museums and archives are increasingly investing in their marketing and communications strategies. Today, they need to turn collection browsers into visitors and visitors into collection browsers. To manage this and to attract new audiences to the collections, institutions need to bridge any internal gaps around processes and fully leverage their assets and content in a sustainable way.” Adam Schatz continues

Axiell DAMS is now available for small, medium and large institutions alike.

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About Axiell

Axiell serves libraries, schools, archives, museums and authorities with technically advanced and innovative solutions developed in close cooperation with its customers. More than 3000 library organisations with thousands of branches use an Axiell library management system and Axiell Arena, a tool for the virtual library. The systems for archives, libraries and museums, are used by over 3400 cultural institutions over the world. In addition, more than 3000 schools use an Axiell system. The Axiell Group, headquartered in Lund, has more than 320 employees based out of 26 offices in Sweden, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Together, we form one of the world’s largest companies in these sectors.

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