Axiell launches AI Tool to enrich cultural databases and enhance linked data

Lund, Sweden, 3 July 2024 – Axiell, the world’s leading software and services provider for the cultural sector, announces the launch of its AI Tool for collections database enrichment. The Tool provides curatorial and collections management teams with cutting-edge technology to analyze and enhance Collections and Thesauri records over 10 times faster than a human, supporting records enrichment with speed at an unprecedented scale. To ensure alignment with market needs, the Tool has been developed in close collaboration with Axiell’s customer community.

“Institutions around the world face the shared challenge of managing large volumes of collections data,” says Maria Wasing, Axiell President and CEO. “Our goal is to continually bring our customers leading-edge technologies that offer ways to innovate on and scale collections management. Our AI Tool provides first-of-its-kind support for cultural institutions by automating time-consuming data management tasks to build a more complete understanding of their collection, empowering deeper research, discovery, and engagement.”

Through AI-driven metadata enhancement, the Tool identifies crucial entities within unstructured collections data, such as people, places, organizations, and keywords, and links these entities to Wikidata-enriched Thesauri records as a central reference for cataloging. The enriched metadata is written back simply and safely to the Collections Management System (CMS), with the option for human validation at every step. The result is a collections database enriched with interlinked records that provide enhanced context for stakeholders like staff, researchers, and members of the public as they engage with the material of the collection.

“Our AI Tool has been developed in collaboration with a group of Axiell customers focused on the future of collections management. In keeping with our responsible and ethical AI development protocols, teams using our AI Tool retain complete human oversight. All collections data enhanced with the Tool can be human validated, if the institution elects for this level of oversight, and all processed data is marked as AI-enriched for future reference,” says Rene van den Heuvel, Axiell’s leading Product Manager for AI development.

The AI Tool is currently available to a limited number of beta customers to ensure peak performance and value for early adopters while taking a measured approach to AI-enriched collections data. Axiell’s unwavering dedication to data stewardship, security, and privacy is further exemplified by its attainment of ISO certification prior to the market launch of the AI solution.

To register your interest in Axiell’s AI Tool, and to be alerted when the Tool is widely accessible, sign up for Axiell’s newsletter and join our AI Registry. Interested parties can also find out more about Axiell’s AI work by viewing the recordings from Axiell Digital Days ‘24 here.

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Phone: +46 73 852 17 52

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