Axiell Virtual User Conference is back with brand new sessions this November!

Axiell Virtual User Conference is back with brand new sessions this November!

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Axiell User Conference

5 tips to get the most out of #AxiellVirtual2020

Our 2020 Virtual User Conference runs Nov 10 – Dec 3! Haven’t registered yet? You can register for any session at any time. If the session has already aired, you will be able to watch it on demand. Register now!

How to make the most of our virtual conference:

  1. Get answers to pressing questions: Whether you submit your questions to the presenter when registering, or save them up for the live Q&A, each conference session provides a chance to ask the presenter your most burning questions.
  2. Prioritize time for learning: Inbox notifications, to-do lists, even a late lunch can distract from being truly present during a session. Prioritize learning at each session by putting away distractions and using the tools at your disposal (live chat, Q&A, audience polls) to engage with the content.
  3. Attend together: Invite a colleague to sign up for the same sessions as you to replicate the experience of an in-person conference. You can live chat during the presentation and discuss takeaways after. BONUS: For sessions after 5pm we suggest pairing this social debrief with a smooth Cabernet.
  4. Continue the conversation: There’s lots of activity on twitter at #AxiellVirtual2020 during and after the conference where you can share ideas and discuss experiences. Or join our community forum for more product-focused discussions. BONUS: This year we’re encouraging survivors of the paranormal to share their spooky museum, library or archive ghost stories with us on twitter!
  5. Share your ideas: Did you think of a game changing product feature or improvement during a conference session? Share it in our ideas portal. And while you’re there, make sure to vote for what you want to see in the next release!

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