Recordings Available from the North American User Conference

Recordings Available from the North American User Conference

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The ElibU offer

Our school offer has been developed for publishers as well as schools. As a connected publisher you can easily make your books available to schools via the ElibU channel. The schools can then procure the book package via one of our service providers. Contact us for more information!

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How our school offer works


A digital book package for school pupils

The ElibU package makes it possible for schools to encourage reading with the help of audiobooks and e-books for all pupils at the school. There are books available for all school grades, and the books can be read by an entire class at the same time. The ElibU package contains a wide selection of literature, including an easy-to-read category. It is simple for publishers to add books to the package via the platform (link). Our package is sold via retailers.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about what we can offer.


E-books and audiobooks for children and adolescents

We make it possible to supply entire school classes with digital books. In an age when teaching at schools is becoming increasingly digitalized and is even performed remotely on occasions, without an opportunity for pupils to visit the physical library, there is a need for other meeting places that enable pupils to listen, read, discuss and analyze – and this is where digital books can play a major role in the development of children and adolescents. ElibU provides teachers with tools to develop their pupils’ reading skills and literacy, while the pupils receive an opportunity to experience enjoyable and inspirational reading.

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