Recordings Available from the North American User Conference

Recordings Available from the North American User Conference

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Connect as a publisher to Axiell Media

Axiell Media is the Nordic region’s leading distributor of digital books. By using our distribution services, you can reach all major actors in the book market and increase your sales of digital books. We offer complete services for the distribution of digital books for small and large publishers alike, and our services can easily be customized based on your specific needs. Long experience, combined with the right technology and a large contact network, make us the best business partner for publishers. With secure copy protection, inventory management and all sales statistics gathered in one and the same location, we ensure the success of your book business.

We welcome you to join us by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

What is included in our offer to publishers?

  • You gain access to all functions in the customer portal through a login that is unique to your publishing house. The portal enables you to manage your pricing and distribution, and you can also order conversion of your PDFs to EPUB. You can access the customer portal at any time for full control of your book distribution
  • Connection to the sales channels of your choice. When you connect to Axiell Medias’ services, distribution to the entire market is just a few clicks away. We collaborate with all major players in digital reading, and we provide you with access to the Nordic region’s largest retailers, libraries and schools.
  • Distribution of any number of books via us. You decide whether you want to reach the entire market quickly or proceed more cautiously. Our tools make it easy for publishers to distribute their books to more or less all retailers, libraries and streaming services with secure copy protection. And it is free of charge to input your metadata!
  • To help you as a new publisher get started with production and sales, we offer training and support to make you succeed with the digital book business. We help publishers reach a wide audience in the correct manner, and we provide support and experience to ensure correct pricing and information about sales channels etc. Introductory training is included in the connection fee.

How does it work?

Prices and terms

Connecting your publishing house costs SEK 3,495 (one-off fee). The connection fee includes an online “Getting Started” training course in which we show you how to make the most of our platform and your investment in digital books. The monthly fee is SEK 129 until your publishing house has reached an annual turnover of SEK 5,000 (net), at which point a monthly fee is no longer charged. Distribution fees are specified in the price appendix attached to your agreement with us. Prices for production services are specified at time of order.

Easy and convenient

All management and administration in one location - you manage the whole of your digital book business via us! Order a production service, select your publication channels and set the prices for your books in our customer portal. With just a few clicks, your books are distributed to more or less the entire market. At Axiell Media your works are stored safely and securely!

How do I connect my publishing house?

Register your publishing house via the form below. You will then receive an agreement regarding both audiobooks and e-books. We provide our services to companies, so you need to have a corporate ID number ready when you register. Once you have signed the agreement, you will receive your login details and will then be able to book your “Getting Started” training course.

We offer publishers

  • Publication of an unlimited number of books
  • Distribution to the entire market – access to all sales channels is included in the connection fee
  • Free metadata – no extra cost for storage or registration of metadata
  • 24/7 access to book administration, statistics and distribution

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