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We make it possible for libraries to reach out with digital books to all readers, on all platforms.

We offer an n accessible digital infrastructure that makes it easy for libraries to provide e-books and audiobooks to all members of society. Accessible services enable libraries to promote literacy and an excellent reading experience. The digital library is just as beloved and essential a meeting place for book lovers as it is physical venue, and is independent of geographical circumstances or personal limitations.

In close dialogue with our customers, we develop and adapt services aimed at supporting the important assignment, work and needs of libraries.

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Services for digital libraries


Meet the digital patron

We welcome you to try out our solutions for the digital library. The books are directly available to patrons via the Biblio App and Biblio webb, and libraries manage their settings in our Biblio Pro platform. Together, these tools provide libraries with simple and secure solutions that enable them to interact with patrons and manage the administration of the digital library. The Biblio Pro platform, Biblio App and Biblio webb are all integrated to facilitate the work of libraries, and are also flexible to be used on their own.

Biblio Suite

Easy integration

Libraries can choose Axiell Media’s complete Biblio Suite for digital libraries or just specific parts of it. We provide easy integration with almost all systems in the market, and libraries can decide which systems they want to integrate with the app, and whether they want to connect as a group of libraries or individually.


Free-of-charge metadata

Libraries that are connected to our services gain access to the available metadata at no extra cost. We are integrated to catalogue post suppliers.


Global perspective with local knowledge

We have long experience of the Swedish library market and have gained in-depth knowledge and developed close contacts in Sweden and the Nordic region, and we are perceived as a secure and well-established partner for all members of the book industry. Accessibility, diversity and local presence are highly valued characteristics, and we are well aware of the demands and wishes that are imposed on libraries, both as a local meeting place and as a window to the rest of the world.


Design and function for enhanced utility

We focus on functions that make it easy for patrons to listen to and read books on their own terms. We make it easy for all target groups to borrow, read and listen to digital books. The app has been designed with optimal accessibility in mind, with clear, user-friendly buttons and support for VoiceOver. We want as many people as possible to be able to use our services, and we constantly strive to develop more and better functions for enhanced accessibility.

Biblio Suite

What is included in our services for libraries?

    • Choose one or several parts of Biblio Suite
    • We facilitate simple integration with most systems in the market
    • Several borrowing models and a flexible system
    • 24/7 access to book administration, reports and statistics

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