Axiells digitala användardagar 2022 – nu kan du se alla filmer

Axiells digitala användardagar 2022 – nu kan du se alla filmer

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The “Ebban” digital reading service for schools now launches with Finnish content

The “Ebban” digital reading service for schools now launches with Finnish content

Ebban, the digital reading service for schools, is opening the service for all school students in Finland as Axiell Media now introduces a new version of Ebban.

Ebban was first released in 2014 and is already serving 150 Finnish-Swedish schools with Swedish literature. Since June 2020, Ebban is a part of Axiell Media and the company now launches Ebban also with e-books and audio books in Finnish.

“Having worked with the Ebban team from the start, we have been impressed by the way the service engages students in reading and helping schools to fulfil their objectives. We are therefore excited to develop the service further and continue to empower reading among children and young adults” says  Eva Houltzén, CEO of Axiell Media.

Ebban is used to inspire reading and includes digital books of both fiction and facts. The service allows every book to be read and listened to simultaneously so even an entire school can read the same book at the same time.

Ebban makes it easy and fun to arrange reading groups, complete reading diplomas, and give tips on good books to others. According to user surveys, Ebban increases interest in reading and supports students with reading difficulties as well as increases the reading motivation of school students.

The content is divided into easy-to-use categories, which helps students find meaningful reading and teachers to choose and give suggestions on books they think would suit the needs of their students.

The selection of Finnish books is continuously growing and is managed by a dedicated librarian who ensures that the books are of suitable quality and fit the customer group’s needs.

The range now includes more than 3,000 e-books and audio books in Swedish and Finnish and it is easy to choose a book according to age, interest, or reading challenge.

The Finnish Ebban service will be available for schools in the spring of 2021.

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  • Ebban is in use by 150 schools.
  • More than 10,000 students use Ebban.
  • 64% think that students have increased their interest in reading.
  • 66% think that Ebban supports students with reading difficulties.
  • Includes a broad and growing selection of works suitable for everyone from pre-schoolers to secondary school students.


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