Read the Latest Axiell Status Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Read the Latest Axiell Status Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Frequently asked questions about Axiell Collections

We’ve highlighted some of the most common questions related to Axiell Collections. You can also read the features and benefits that you will unlock after switching from Adlib to Axiell Collections. If you still need any further assistance, please contact us.

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Will there be any feature gaps existing between Adlib and Axiell Collections?

Currently only a small set of features are not shared between the two platforms, with most of these already in development or planned for inclusion. For example, ‘favourites’ in a field is already planned for development.

What is the implementation time for Axiell Collections?

How long it takes to implement Collections depends on whether your institution uses a standard or customised Adlib application. A standard Adlib application simply requires an upgrade to version 4.5.2, which is Collections ready. Customised Adlib applications need to be assessed and will require more time.

Will there be any implementation costs?

This will depend on the current Adlib application version and customisation. You can request a quote to assess the price.

Can Axiell Collections only be used as a cloud service from Axiell?

No, customers who are able to host the required infrastructure can run Axiell Collections as a local installation. For small Adlib users, the Axiell Collections in the Cloud service may be the best way forward.

Does the Adlib database need to be migrated for Axiell Collections?

No, Axiell Collections and Adlib use the same database. Your Adlib database will need to be checked for inconsistencies have any issues resolved. We have tools that automatically scan your database and provide a report of any issues.

Do I need to purchase a new licence for Axiell Collections?

No, for Adlib customers with a maintenance contract, the upgrade to Axiell Collections does not incur a licence cost.

I have made customisations to my Adlib application. Will these be lost when I upgrade to Axiell Collections?

Most likely not. Because Adlib and Collections use the same platform and database, your Adlib configuration can be used for Collections. Your Adlib customisations will need to be assessed for any inconsistencies with Collections and have these issues resolved.

Can Adlib and Axiell Collections be run at the same time?

No, Axiell Collections should be used as a standalone product and customers should move away from their Adlib system.

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