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Frequently asked questions for Axiell Go

We’ve highlighted some of the most common questions related to Axiell Go. If you have any further enquiries, then please get in touch.

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What is Axiell Go?

Axiell Go is a browser-based interface for EMu, so you can access the same records, anywhere you are. It has a responsive interface, to make editing easy on phones and tablets. It is designed to allow you to do collections management on the move, which is why we called it Go!

Which collections management system does Go work with?

Axiell Go currently integrates with EMu only and you will need to be on version 6 to install it.

Does this replace EMu?

No. EMu still is best for in-depth cataloguing, searching, editing, reporting, and other tasks. Your heavy-lifting data management should be done through EMu. Axiell Go is designed primarily for helping you with the type of tasks you do while away from your desk.

How will go help me?

How many times have you had to scribble a bit of information down on a piece of scrap paper so that you remember to update EMu when back at your desk? Maybe a location change, a bit of damage, or anything else you notice while out and about? Axiell Go puts your database in your hand, wherever you go, so you can add that data there and then.

Will I need a new license to use it?

No, Axiell Go users do not consume EMu licenses. You can have unlimited number users working with Axiell Go.

How much does it cost?

If you already have EMu, the software is free, and all you pay for is the implementation cost. It comes with several forms that allow you to do common museum activities (such as condition checking), but if you would like custom forms to support your specific ways of working, we can design those for you at the cost of our usual day rate.

I have a really unique need - can Go support it?

Axiell Go is heavily customizable. It ships with several forms that support common museum tasks, but if you have any other tasks you would like to do, as long as the data for them lives in EMu, we should be able to design a custom form to support it.

When can I get it?

Now. All you have to do is schedule a time with the Axiell Service Desk through Hornbill ( and we can set up Go for you.

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