Iguana Library

A mobile app for Android and iOS

Iguana Library is a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows your customers easy and convenient access to your library’s collection anywhere, at any time.

The app communicates with the V-smart server database so that the user always gets to see the current state of affairs regarding loans, reservations, availability, etc.

The app allows customers to perform catalogue searches, renew, reserve and scan barcodes. They can also cancel reservations. Credentials can be saved so that the end user can use the app quickly and easily without having to log in again.

A generic and a branded app

The app is available in two forms: as a standard, “generic” app and as a “branded” app.

What is the branded app?
The standard Iguana Library app is a “generic app”: all libraries with a subscription use one and the same app. Although each library can use its own logo and colour scheme, Iguana Library is presented in the App Stores (iTunes, Google Play) as one and the same app and the customer selects which Library they wish to access. Although both provide the same functionally, a branded app is uniquely recognizable in the stores and on your customer’s mobile device.

We takes care of the entire process of including the app in the stores, which means that with a branded app there are additional costs.

The app’s main functions are:

Search & find

  • Relevancy sorting
  • Best match (if no hits)
  • Availability filter
  • Search history
  • Reading lists

Borrower activities

    • Reserve
    • Cancel reservations
    • Renew
    • Manage reservations
    • View fines
    • Change password
    • Display and scan barcode

Manage related members

  • Link to other borrowers (e.g. family members)

Information about the Library

  • List of branches
  • Opening hours for each branch
  • Address with a link to Google Maps


  • Borrower barcode scanning
  • Communication with the Library
  • ISBN (“commercial”) barcode scanning
  • Push notifications for items coming due and available reservations
  • Contact information for each branch – call or email with just a tap

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