Axiell training

Arena customisation and configuration

Aimed at administrators of Arena who will make changes to the back-end of Arena, regularly updating pages, styles, or content

Pages & portlets

Arena’s structure behind the scenes, adding your own pages, formatting a page, adding content to a page, customising content on a page.

Web content

The most flexible kind of portlet,‘web content display’, configuring a WCD portlet, adding content to a WCD portlet, changing WCD portlet content.

Configuring your site

Looking at your organisation’s pages at length: what is each page made of? how would you change each page? what changes might you make?

Advanced portlets

Nesting portlets for better layout, adding videos, setting up Twitter feeds and other social media

Subscription points

This training bundle is part of our staff development subscription service. For more information on training subscriptions, view the subscriptions page.

Course type Course
Price 12-20 subscription points 12-20 subscription points
Remote training - 12 points
In house training - 20 points
Duration 1 day 1 day

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