Watch recordings from Axiell’s 2021 Global Virtual User Conference

Watch recordings from Axiell’s 2021 Global Virtual User Conference

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Axiell Go

Manage your collections on the Go

The ability to amend collections information remotely is a great leap forwards in museum efficiency. We’ve designed a smart, web-based tool that integrates with your Collections Management System to ensure accuracy of your data.

The user experience is at the heart of our design and little to no training is required to operate Go. With our cutting-edge technology, your operations are optimized to increase the overall efficiency of your workforce.

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How Axiell Go works for you


Works on any device

Responsive, web-based interface, accessible on all modern devices

Staff aren’t limited to using desktop computers to complete their tasks. We’ve made Go web-based and responsive so it can be used anywhere on any modern device.

Easy to use

No need for training

The modern design makes it easy to navigate and easy to understand. Axiell Go also gives you the ability to design forms and amend the way records are viewed based on the needs of your users.

Viewing an exhibition

Power in numbers

Give multiple users access to Go

The platform requires little to no training and allows users to access your collections information and update records remotely. As a result, you achieve the optimum performance from your collective workforce.

Complete tasks whatever the location

Complete tasks whatever the location

With a web-based user interface, staff can be truly mobile and complete their daily tasks wherever they are.

Axiell Go works with


Comprehensive and flexible, EMu can accommodate the requirements of any collecting institution

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