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Udforsk fremtiden for CultureTech på vores gratis digitale event-streaming 13. juni

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EMu 6.0 User Interface Upgrade

Upgrade to Axiell EMu CMS sees modernised user interface, to improve user experience without loss of rich functionality

It’s fairy tale stuff, the ugly duckling is now a beautiful… EMu? Well not quite, but EMu has had a serious facelift and now we are delighted to present the much-improved EMu 6.0!

Axiell’s EMu collections management system has been at the forefront of the industry for decades. But in recent years, the system’s dated appearance has not been able to match up to its sophisticated personality. So it was time for a facelift!

This means that the EMu 6.0 upgrade mostly encompasses UI changes, with no loss of the rich functionality for which the CMS has become a preeminent choice for organisations around the world.

The Ribbon

The major UI change sees ribbon navigation replacing the main menu and tool bars. The ribbon will leave your screen clearer, bringing up additional options only when you need them and will be a familiar way of working for those who use Microsoft Office.

The ribbon will also improve Accessibility support, allow for visual styling or themes and will include automatic high contrast adjustments and high DPI awareness.

A more modern design

The ‘wall of grey’ is dead folks. We have replaced it with a modern colour scheme. But that’s not all… We’ve flattened the look to remove dated bevels and drop shadows. We’ve updated all the icons to something more user friendly that will hopefully convey meaning better to new (and existing) users and we’ve changed the font to something more modern.

Command Centre updated

The Command Centre is now much more user-friendly and flexible. Not only have we changed the colour to make the Command Centre stand out more, we’ve also added a Favourites section; this means you can now add, remove and change module buttons to save you time and make the system more specific to your needs.

What’s more, we’ve introduced collapsible sections to reduce cluttered screens and made it so you can resize the Command Centre. On top of this, all of your customisation is saved and applied every time you log in, meaning once you get the Command Centre working for you, it will remain this way.

Tabs updated

EMu 6.0 will feature a modern, more intuitive way of working with tabs. Tabs have been moved to a vertical list on the left hand side of the screen, increasing the amount of space that can be used. Additionally, being able to see all tabs at once reduces the number of button presses to navigate to the desired tab.

What else?

An interface to the GEOLocate web client

See, a user interface update isn’t just about making the system look better, it’s about making it work better for you. We’re hoping that the changes included in EMu 6.0 will help you save time and help you complete tasks in a smoother way.

Although, the facelift is mostly superficial, it may take some getting used to for existing users. We have launched some new  training options for those wanting to quickly get up to speed with the upgrade. Find out more here

And if you absolutely hate it and want to return to menu based navigation, the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) will allow you to mimic similar functionality.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Find out about scheduling your upgrade, purchasing additional licenses and our new EMu 6.0 training offer by clicking here.


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