Report: Culture at a Crossroads, Digital Transformation in the Age of COVID-19

New research uncovers the status of the culture sector's digital transformation and the impact of...

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Axiell acquires Musoft in the Czech Republic

Axiell acquires Musoft and solidifies position as leading vendor globally for museums, archives and libraries

The acquisition brings 300 customers and a presence in the expansive cultural sector in Czech...

Podle Axiell 3 srpna, 2020

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Guide: How to choose the right Library Management Software

A guide for public libraries: Finding the right software to help you manage your library...

Podle Axiell 6 května, 2020

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Guide: How to choose the right Collections Management Software

A guide for museums, archives, galleries, heritage sites and private collections: Finding the right software...

Podle Axiell 5 května, 2020

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Students learning astronomy in Museums Space Exhibition with VR headset

White paper: Collections Without Frontiers

Read the white paper: 'Collections without frontiers: how online collections can enhance the accessibility, enjoyment...

Podle Tom Gregory 20 prosince, 2019

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Dashboard on Iphone in front of gallery

Infographic: Museum Digital Strategy Trends

This infographic shows the results of a survey that tapped 125 decision-makers from institutions worldwide,...

Podle Axiell 28 června, 2017

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Group of Students Working on Laptops in Library

Industry Report: Using Volunteers & Crowdsourcing To Support Digitisation In Museums & Archives

This report focusses on how different institutions leverage crowdsourcing and volunteers, the challenges they face and...

Podle Axiell 14 února, 2017

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Infographic: Leveraging Volunteers and Crowdsourcing for Digitisation

This infographic identifies the current and future strategies of museums and archives using volunteers and...

Podle Axiell 14 února, 2017

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Industry Report: Digital transformation in the museum industry

The status of digital transformation in the museum industry 2016 and using digitalisation to increase...

Podle Axiell 22 července, 2016

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A modern library

Industry Report: The Library of the Future

Public libraries have a clear opportunity to become central hubs in local communities across the...

Podle Axiell 2 prosince, 2015

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