Udforsk fremtiden for CultureTech på vores gratis digitale event-streaming 13. juni

Udforsk fremtiden for CultureTech på vores gratis digitale event-streaming 13. juni

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Axiell extends its library offering by launching complete library self-service solutions

Nottingham, UK, 18th April, 2016 – Axiell UK, the leading supplier of IT systems and services to public libraries, has today launched a complete self-service solution to further extend its library proposition in the UK. The new solutions – Axiell Axess and Aperio – mean libraries can successfully meet demand by offering them a range of library automation, RFID and self-service equipment. Libraries will be able to offer a better service and customer experience by freeing up staff to devote their attention to library patrons.

Mark Allcock, Products and Services Portfolio Manager at Axiell UK comments, “Axiell is responding to library demand for self-service solutions that are proven, scalable and adaptable. These solutions can help libraries deliver longer opening hours with fewer staff, benefiting both staff and library patrons. Our research – the Library of the Future report– supports this, showing that there is a demand from library patrons for a library service that offers both longer and more convenient opening times.”

With Axiell Aperio, libraries benefit from a seamlessly integrated solution that extends the library’s offer – both during, and out of, normal opening times. Aperio automates every aspect of the library service – opening doors, setting alarms and providing patron self-service kiosks.

For UK libraries, the Axiell Axess portfolio of products offers a range of future proof technology solutions – kiosks, gates, lockers, AMH, staff stations and RFID tags for improved library and resource access for patrons.

The Axiell Axess and Axiell Aperio solutions have been developed, tried and tested over many years, with Axiell Sweden rolling out the first self-service kiosks and sorting systems in the early 1990’s. There are over 10,000 Axiell Axess installations in Scandinavia today. The first Axiell Aperio library automation solution was adopted by a library in Denmark in 2009, and today more than 200 libraries across the Nordic countries use the same proposition to extend their opening hours.

Now Axiell is bringing the same values and benefits to all libraries in the UK – an outstanding service to libraries through a single point of contact and innovative, flexible software. All from a supplier that understands the needs of libraries and the relationship that technology has with other library services, systems, staff and volunteers.

About Axiell

Axiell serves libraries, schools, archives, museums and authorities with technically advanced and innovative solutions developed in close cooperation with its customers in 35 countries globally. More than 1000 library organizations with thousands of branches use an Axiell library management system and Axiell Arena, a tool for the virtual library. The systems for archives, libraries and museums, are used by over 3000 cultural institutions over the world. In addition, more than 3000 schools use an Axiell system. The Axiell Group, headquartered in Lund, has more than 290 employees based out of 24 offices in Sweden, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Together, we form one of the world’s largest companies in these sectors.


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