Report: Culture at a Crossroads, Digital Transformation in the Age of COVID-19

New research uncovers the status of the culture sector's digital transformation and the impact of...

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SARA: Opdatering til SARA version 1.10

Axiells support har mandag 15. februar 2021 lavet følgende forbedringer: Opdatering af SARA til version 1.10.2...

Ved Tonny februar 15, 2021

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SARA Servicevinduer i 2021

Axiell har servicevindue hver den 1. tirsdag i måneden i tidsrummet kl. 8 til 9....

Ved Tonny februar 10, 2021

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Axiell and Piction partner to offer digital asset ecosystem for museum and archive collections

Innovative collaboration brings digital media and collections data together creating a foundation for complete digital workflows ...

Ved Axiell januar 21, 2021

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Vancouver Art Gallery Chooses Axiell Collections to Manage Diverse Visual Arts Collection

Vancouver Art Gallery chooses Axiell Collections to manage their collection of over 12,500 art works,...

Ved Rielle Ullberg december 16, 2020

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Axiell Virtual User Conference 2020 Returns with New Sessions: Register Now

#AxiellVirtual2020 is back this November with a whole programme of new sessions Building on the...

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Axiell acquires CultureConnect to bring end-to-end digital engagement solutions to cultural institutions

Expanded offering is influential in the industry, ensuring museum collections can be turned into market-leading...

Ved Axiell september 23, 2020

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SARA: Opdatering til SARA version 1.9

Axiells support har tirsdag 01. september 2020 lavet følgende forbedringer: SARA opdatering til version 1.9 SARA...

Ved Tonny september 2, 2020

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Axiell acquires Musoft and solidifies position as leading vendor globally for museums, archives and libraries

The acquisition brings 300 customers and a presence in the expansive cultural sector in Czech...

Ved Tom Gregory august 19, 2020

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Library of Congress chooses Axiell’s collections management system for audiovisual materials

The Library will leverage Axiell Collections to help preserve and manage over 6,000,000 objects in...

Ved Axiell august 19, 2020

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