Udforsk fremtiden for CultureTech på vores gratis digitale event-streaming 13. juni

Udforsk fremtiden for CultureTech på vores gratis digitale event-streaming 13. juni

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We’re updating our look, but that’s not all

You may have noticed that we are updating our look

Axiell provides software and services which help organisations manage and share culture and knowledge with the world, but it hasn’t always been easy for people to understand who we are and what we do.

We work in partnership with customers in 55 countries from libraries, museums, archives, schools, publishers to retailers but we interact with and communicate with our different sets of customers in different ways – and sometimes it can be confusing to find the most relevant and useful information for you.

We’re taking steps to make it easier and more enjoyable to interact with us. So, what’s changing?

We’re improving and consolidating our websites

We’re updating our websites to ensure that wherever you’re from it’s easy to find the information and get the support you need from Axiell:

  • Just one website per region
  • Faster site speed
  • Easier to navigate
  • Easier to find support information
  • Improved training booking
  • Updated look

We’re rolling out the first of these sites in English, and over the summer will be working our way through our sites in local languages one by one, to ensure the correct quality of information and translation in every language.

For those of you in the UK, we’re currently working on a UK version of this site, complete with UK specific training, events, products and contacts which should be ready within the next two weeks. In the meantime you can still find all relevant support information on this, our global English site.

Please bear with us while we work through this upgrade process.

We’ve updated our logo and look

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve modernised our logo and our overall look.

As we move through the updating process over the next couple of months, you may see instances of both our current and our new logo. As all regions move through the update process our new logo will take over.

Our new look is

  • More modern
  • More personal
  • More focused on our staff and our customers
  • More digital friendly

This change will also over time be applied to products; we’re working to do this gradually and tied to other updates so as not to impact any other development timescales.

We’re consolidating and improving our support resources

For the last few months we’ve been moving all of our customers onto one customer support portal. We’re still continuing this work, and we’re also working to ensure our product help and documentation is as easy to find and use as possible.

We’re moving our product help into fewer locations and making it easier to access and use and will be continuing our way through this process in the coming months.

This is an ongoing process

As we work through the changes in both look and online portals over the next few months, please bear with us.

We’re really excited about our new websites and our fresh new look, but it’s just the beginning.

Our intention is to make each interaction with Axiell easy and enjoyable, including through the experience of our products and as we release new products and new versions over the next few years, this focus on UX will also provide improved product experience.

We hope you like it, and we’re looking forward to taking the next steps from here.

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