Watch: How Axiell Move is Supporting Science Museum in Ambitious Collection Move

As part of Connecting Culture 2020, Axiell’s Malcolm Howitt joined Science Museum Group’s Jack Kirby to talk about SMG’s ambitious project to move 300,000 objects to the new National Collections Centre and how Axiell Move is supporting this

The Science Museum Group is carrying out its most ambitious project in a generation: to transport 320,000 items to a purpose built collections management facility at its National Collections Centre in Wiltshire. Taking a fresh approach facilitated by technology, not only will the collection be relocated accurately, but rapid digitisation is creating one of the most extensive online scientific collections in the world. This presentation will demonstrate how investment in systems can enable new opportunities both in managing collections and making them more accessible to audiences.

Presented by Jack Kirby, Head of Collections Services, Science Museum Group and Malcolm Howitt, Global Sales Director, Axiell.

Watch the presentation here:

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