Se optagelserne fra Axiell Digital Days: Vi præsenterer det bedste inden for kultursektoren

Se optagelserne fra Axiell Digital Days: Vi præsenterer det bedste inden for kultursektoren

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SARA: Opdatering til SARA version 1.19

Axiell's support har tirsdag 7. maj 2024 opdateret SARA til version 1.19 Opdatering til version...

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Workflow Automation: The Key to Increasing Digital Capacity at Your Cultural Institution

Workflow automation software is already helping businesses across a range of industries strengthen capacity for...

Ved Rielle Ullberg marts 7, 2022

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Contemporary Collecting During the Pandemic: The Isle of Man’s Story

Katie King and Jude Dicken of Manx National Heritage share their experiences of collecting and...

Ved Tom Gregory januar 21, 2022

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Watch: How Axiell Move is Supporting Science Museum in Ambitious Collection Move

As part of Connecting Culture 2020, Axiell's Malcolm Howitt joined Science Museum Group's Jack Kirby...

Ved Axiell september 23, 2020

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Library of Congress chooses Axiell’s collections management system for audiovisual materials

The Library will leverage Axiell Collections to help preserve and manage over 6,000,000 objects in...

Ved Axiell august 19, 2020

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Persistent Identifiers and Linked Open Data in Axiell Collections

Rene Van den Heuvel, Global Product Expert, Axiell: What are Persistent Identifiers (PID’s) and how...

Ved Axiell juli 30, 2020

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Vælg den rigtige software til dine samlinger

Uanset om du bestyrer en kulturarvsinstitution, en privat samling eller et virksomhedsarkiv, skal du gøre...

Ved Axiell maj 26, 2020

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Axiell Collections - Exporting to Excel

As part of the current global health situation, the ways that people live and work...

Ved Axiell marts 27, 2020

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Undocking & (Re)docking Views in Axiell Collections

Axiell Collections makes working with multiple views and panels easier by allowing you to ‘undock’...

Ved Axiell marts 11, 2020

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Online Collections on a Budget – 6 Lessons for Smaller Institutions

In our recent whitepaper, we explored how archives, galleries and museums are driving new levels of engagement...

Ved Tom Gregory marts 9, 2020

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