Read the latest Axiell Status Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Read the latest Axiell Status Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Sådan organiserede Wien's tekniske museum en problemfri flytning

Det er aldrig nemt at håndtere en flytning – det involverer ofte tunge møbler, og...

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Persistent Identifiers and Linked Open Data in Axiell Collections

Rene Van den Heuvel, Global Product Expert, Axiell: What are Persistent Identifiers (PID’s) and how...

Ved Axiell juli 30, 2020

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Watch the Conference Intro & Register for New Sessions

Watch the Introduction to #AxiellVirtual2020 Presented by Maria Wasing, COO & EVP, Axiell This short...

Ved Tom Gregory juni 18, 2020

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A Public Library

Axiell Status Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last week saw continued efforts in the world to slow down the outbreak of Corona....

Ved Axiell marts 31, 2020

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Axiell Collections - Exporting to Excel

As part of the current global health situation, the ways that people live and work...

Ved Axiell marts 27, 2020

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Undocking & (Re)docking Views in Axiell Collections

Axiell Collections makes working with multiple views and panels easier by allowing you to ‘undock’...

Ved Axiell marts 11, 2020

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Online Collections on a Budget – 6 Lessons for Smaller Institutions

In our recent whitepaper, we explored how archives, galleries and museums are driving new levels of engagement...

Ved Tom Gregory marts 9, 2020

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From Cellar to Hard Drive: Digitising the Knights-Whittome Collection at Sutton Archives

They were hidden away for 100 years, but now the stunning glass plate negatives are...

Ved Tom Gregory februar 18, 2020

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Importing data is made easy in Axiell Collections

One of the features that will make Axiell Collections users more independent from their suppliers,...

Ved Axiell februar 18, 2020

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Collections Without Frontiers - Summarising the Whitepaper

How taking a holistic approach to online collections can help you improve engagement online and...

Ved Tom Gregory januar 17, 2020

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