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Axiell Quria expands customer base in Norway with additional libraries

Cloud-Based Library Services Platform and public facing solutions will support all citizens in the municipality

November 12 2018 – Axiell, the leading vendor to public libraries in Europe, today announces new customers for Axiell Quria in Norway. In September 2017, Drammen Library became the first library in the world to use Quria, Axiell’s cloud-based library services platform. With the forthcoming municipal assembly between Drammen, Svelvik and Nedre Eiker, libraries in these municipalities will all switch to Quria. This means that Quria will go from serving over 68,000 inhabitants to almost 100,000.

“As the municipalities merge, we are glad to get the trust from the additional libraries to take the next step with Quria as their library system and Arena as their interactive website. As Drammen was the first municipality in Norway to use Quria and Arena, the expansion confirms that they are happy with the library system,” said Ann Melaerts, Vice President and Business Area Director Axiell Public Libraries.

Drammen Library has had Quria for well over a year and Geirr Karlsen, Head of Section for the Development Department at the library, is very pleased with the results he has seen with the solution:

“It’s only when the system is put into use that you see what works and what doesn’t work, and it has exceeded all expectations. Quria is an intuitive and solid tool. It is a system that is constantly being developed and updated, since it is modern and cloud based. Its functionalities serve not only what we demand of it, but also things we have not thought of. Axiell has been with us all the way. It’s nice when we get such a boost and we are very pleased with the processes.”

Karlsen is looking forward to working with colleagues from Svelvik and Nedre Eiker, and providing a bigger and better offer for borrowers in the libraries across the municipalities.

“It’s great that there are several local library services that use Quria. It means we are able to develop the system further. At the same time, we get a much larger collection, so the patrons are getting more books to choose from.”

The system will now be extended to support the needs of Nedre Eiker and Svelvik, a process which is effective due to the modern architecture of Quria.

“Drammen has been working with Quria for a year and, now that we’ve started to use the system day-to-day, we can see that it is fit for purpose for a public library in Norway.We have also had the opportunity to provide our input, meaning Axiell has been able to adapt the system for our library’s needs,” says Jørgen Hovde library manager at Nedre Eiker Library, “In addition, we can increase our engagement with patrons, since we can use the system through a web browser and the user interface is very intuitive and comfortable to work with. We hope to be able to use the system in new ways and be more accessible around the library.”

Quria provides completely new opportunities for the management of both printed and digital items in the collection, events and the entire communication process with patrons. Quria uses the RDA framework to describe media in the library and connect it in a whole new way. It also provides new ways of sharing online, and there is great potential for communicating catalogue data better and seeing relationships in the data, through linked data. This will enable improved support for libraries that want to share data and collaboration across the collection.

Being cloud-based means Quria is accessible from anywhere, whether in the library or out in the community. It also means that the system is updated remotely and continuously, so the library does not need to think about backup or storage on computers and other devices. The library also gets access to new developments as soon as they are available.

For more information:

Maria Wasing

CMO Axiell Group

Phone: +46 73 852 17 52

E.mail: maria.wasing@axiell.com


About Axiell

Axiell serves libraries, schools, archives, museums and authorities with technically advanced and innovative solutions developed in close cooperation with its customers in 55 countries. More than 3000 library organisations with thousands of branches use an Axiell library management system and Axiell Arena, a tool for the virtual library. The systems for archives, libraries and museums are used by over 3400 cultural institutions over the world. In addition, more than 3000 schools use an Axiell system. The Axiell Group, headquartered in Lund, has more than 300 employees based out of 26 offices in Sweden, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Together, we form one of the world’s largest companies in these sectors

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