Watch: Axiell Collections New Feature Highlight

The new Axiell Collections 1.18 release is out, bringing with it new options and shortcuts...

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Begin het jaar goed met Digitale Content Creation: Wat kunt u doen in 7 dagen & in 30 dagen

We’ve talked with dozens of museums seeking virtual solutions for canceled field trips, public programming,...

Door Tom Gregory februari 1, 2023

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Leverage Empathy Maps to Understand Your Visitors

Download the Empathy Map Kit Empathy maps are collaborative tools that help teams gain deeper...

Door Tom Gregory december 1, 2022

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The Ultimate Digital Project Planning Guide for Museums and Institutions

Get the Digital Project Planning Guide One of the most critical times in a project’s...

Door Tom Gregory september 1, 2022

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Discovering CultureConnect: Top 10 Questions We Get Asked in the First Meeting

We’ve had countless discovery calls with museums over the years. Across museum type, size, location...

Door Tom Gregory juli 29, 2022

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