Students learning astronomy in Museums Space Exhibition with VR headset

Collections Without Frontiers

Read the white paper: ’Collections without frontiers: how online collections can enhance the accessibility, enjoyment and interpretation of our global heritage’

Until recently, to experience a museum or gallery collection you had to travel to the institution, visit the displays or request access to object stores. Today, thanks to technology, cultural organisations can share their wonders with a global audience.

Online collections have the power to engage visitors both inside and beyond the walls of an institution by improving accessibility and making better use of the wealth of knowledge that museums, archives and galleries possess.

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People from around the world are now able to access information that was previously unattainable, through the click of a button. At the same time, within an institution, virtual reality and augmented reality, interactive guides and interpretive experiences bring collections to life as never before.

This white paper explores the experiences of museums, archives and galleries, and shows how online collections can enhance offline, physical collections.

We will discuss how adopting this holistic approach to physical and online collections will rely on collaboration, integrated systems and good collections data. We’ll also look at how a joined-up way of thinking can help organisations achieve some of their most important aims.

Download the whitepaper to discover how taking a holistic approach to online collections can help you improve engagement inside the walls of your institution and out. 

Download the whitepaper

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