Survey: Leveraging Volunteers and Crowdsourcing To Improve Collections Data

Take the survey to contribute to our next industry trend report

To what degree is your institution leveraging volunteers and crowdsouricng to improve your collections data? Take the survey now

In conjunction with MCN, we’re building an industry report focusing on how different institutions leverage volunteers and crowdsourcing.

The report will give an overview of the industry, how much progress has been made and what challenges and barriers are faced. The report will also showcase examples of successful programs.

This finished report should provide useful insight and practical tactics for leveraging crowdsourcing and volunteers effectively and will be sent to contributors, available for free on Axiell and MCN websites, and shared via newsletters, social media and networks.

You can see an example of our most recent report on Digital Transformation In The Museums Industry here.

Whether your organisation is excelling in this area or just getting started, take the short survey and contribute to the report, it should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Take the survey now

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