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Axiell extends presence of digital-first Library Services Platform to Germany

Public Library Mediathek Lahr chooses Axiell Quria and Arena

Lund, Sweden, April 3rd 2018 – Axiell, the leading vendor to cultural institutions in Europe, today announces that Mediathek Lahr will be the first public library service in Germany to use its new cloud-based, digital-first platform, Axiell Quria. The customer, which currently uses the BIBDIA LMS, will pilot the new system and will also implement Axiell Arena for patron engagement. With Axiell Quria, the customer will benefit from a platform which makes daily work routines more efficient, which completely revamps how staff are guided by workflows and how search is done in the catalogue, and which removes all barriers between physical and digital assets.

Quria enables the cost-efficient management of all services in the library through modern standards and simplifies daily work routines. Its flexibility allows the library to deliver a comprehensive range of services more easily, giving staff more time to focus on core activities. Events management, management of the collection, digital assets and e-media are all streamlined in the modular, cloud-based platform. Just as importantly, the platform aids staff in proactive community outreach. All assets and workflows are accessible on any device via the web-based interface, providing access to the catalogue, events, e-media and communications on the go.

Ann Melaerts, Vice President & Business Area Director for Axiell Public Libraries comments, “I am proud that we are getting the opportunity to work with Mediathek Lahr to set new standards for public libraries in Germany. The library services platform makes management of all services in the library more cost-efficient – from books to information, learning and entertainment. It will enable Mediathek Lahr to continue to innovate the services they provide for their patrons for the foreseeable future.”

Mediathek Lahr, already an Axiell customer, will be the first public library in Germany (and the third public library site globally after Drammen, Norway launched Quria in September 2017 and Northamptonshire Libraries in the UK) to implement Axiell’s library services platform. The project will also see the launch of a new website based on Axiell’s discovery solution, Arena, which will improve customer experience for online users. This site will offer library users innovative ways to engage with the information in the catalogue and the ability enrich the catalogue by publishing their own content.

Arena, an existing solution, will initially connect to BIBDIA, enabling rapid launch. “Public libraries in Germany are going through a digital transformation. At Mediathek Lahr, we continuously work to adapt our offer to our community, ensuring that we deliver on our mission. With Axiell Quria, we will be able to continue our transformation and innovation, working with our complete collection and managing digital media more efficiently. In addition, we can manage library events in a much better way than before and make them an integral part of our service. We are very excited to work with Axiell on this pilot project.” says Birgit König, Library Manager at Mediathek Lahr.


For more information:

Maria Wasing

CMO Axiell Group

Phone: +46 73 852 17 52

E.mail: maria.wasing@axiell.com


About Axiell Group

Axiell serves libraries, schools, archives, museums and authorities with technically advanced and innovative solutions developed in close cooperation with its customers in 55 countries. More than 3000 library organisations with thousands of branches use an Axiell library management system and Axiell Arena, a tool for the virtual library. The systems for archives, libraries and museums are used by over 3400 cultural institutions over the world. In addition, more than 3000 schools use an Axiell system. The Axiell Group, headquartered in Lund, has more than 300 employees based out of 26 offices in Sweden, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Together, we form one of the world’s largest companies in these sectors. To find out more about us and our products, please visit https://www.axiell.com.


About Mediathek Lahr

Mediathek Lahr offers a contemporary and attractive offer for reading, listening and seeing. It is a meeting place for young and old, a companion to the lifelong learning of each individual and sees itself as a place of information in the information society. More than 50,000 media are available to users: books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs and games. The on-line association Ortenaukreis / Emmendingen with nine libraries also offers lending of virtual media such as e-book, e-paper, evideo and e-audio.

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