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Forward thinking library
systems for the modern school

WeLib delivers a modern, complete digital school library system with educational functionality at the forefront. It provides a platform for digital collaboration between teachers, librarians and students which can be accessed wherever they are. WeLib enables school libraries to gather and maintain their physical, digital and educational resources, making them searchable by students, teachers and librarians.

Benefits of using WeLib

Students Using Laptop in Classroom

Search, find and discover

Give students the power to unlock validated knowledge and learning

In WeLib both digital and physical learning resources are searchable. Searches can be filtered by grade, school subject, keywords, subject area, resource type and similar classification as a base. Learning resources are classified and validated from an educational perspective. As a teacher and librarian, link selected resources to subject-specific goals in the syllabus, giving students a clear structure and deeper understanding of the tasks you provide.

Librarian using Tablet

Rich insights

Develop a deep understanding of your school library system

Using the statistics available in WeLib the school can get an understanding of how resources are being used. As a teacher, create tasks for individual students or for a whole class, follow up the tasks and interact with students directly in the system. WeLib can be integrated with services for assessments and is a tool for working with learning analytics, amongst other things.

Get a clear picture of your resources, and get access to unique material through our free base offer of open learning resources, such as literature, film, etc.

Library meeting

Quality Assurance

Maintain high standards across all your learning materials

As a teacher, you can quality-assure the school’s resources and develop the library system yourself:

  • Make both printed and digital materials and e-services visible.
  • Get a basic range of open and quality-assured learning resources.
  • Share selected educational resources with students and teachers.
  • Teachers, students and librarians can publish their own material, such as e-books, special work and articles and share them with groups directly in the system.

What our customers say about WeLib

The choice fell on Axiell after a thorough review of existing options. We see that Axiell can in a good way deliver a system that handles both physical material and digital resources, provides good access to e-books, satisfies close collaboration with the schools, in combination with the future development opportunities and adaptations we need. In addition, we see Axiell's solutions as very user-friendly.

Terese Lundberg, Developing Manager at Grillska high school, Sweden. Stockholm Municipality

I want the library to be accessible "everywhere and all the time". By combining WeLib with the e-book package ElibU, students and teachers get access to a large selection of digital books as a complement to the physical books. WeLib's social functions (like, share, etc.) and the opportunity for teachers to create tasks and be able to link them to the syllabus also provide good conditions for the school library to be an integral part of the teaching.

Sara Landerdahl Stridsberg, school librarian Wijkmanska high school, Sweden Västerås Municipality

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