How Mobile Technology is Revolutionising Collections Management

Read our new whitepaper, ‘Heritage at your fingertips, how mobile technology is transforming collections management’

Discover how mobile technology is boosting efficiency and accuracy at cultural organisations, by allowing collections managers to move their processes away from their desks and enabling more users to interact with systems remotely.

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Get insight into the processes of some of the UK’s largest museums and archives, how they are working in new ways, and how this could transform the way you manage your collection.

Hear some of the key challenges other collections staff are facing; from relying on volunteers to catalogue objects, to tracking object movements in an increasingly dynamic exhibition environment, to keeping up with the documentation involved in acquisitions, loans, conservation and more.

The whitepaper will introduce you to the new approaches and new solutions being developed to tackle these challenges. The ability to capture information and images on the go, or to search for an item simply by scanning a barcode. These promise to cut down the time you spend entering and re-entering data, reduce the risk of errors, and encourage a more collaborative environment.

Download this whitepaper to discover how mobile technology can speed up your systems and provide a platform for users of all abilities.

Download the whitepaper


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