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Collections management

We help institutions manage, protect and share their collections and the knowledge that those collections generate. Whether managing data and information around museum and archival collections or purchasing, monitoring and controlling stock in a public library or school, managing a collection is at the core of what our customers do.

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How our solutions help you manage your collections

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Ensure your whole collection is accessible

Store all your collections information centrally and ensure it’s easy to search, locate and understand. Quickly and easily view details about each collection item and how it links to people, events and activities across the institution.


Digitize your collection

Address your digitization backlog and store information in a way that helps you search, categorize and manage your collections.

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Manage locations, movements and storage of your collections

Manage the storage and location of your collection items, and manage loans, acquisitions and transport to ensure you always know where your collection items are.

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Manage your collections care and ensure its use long term

Whether conserving a work of art or replacing worn books in a library, stay on top of the care and curation needs of your collection and ensure it stays safe and useful for the future.

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Understand & analyse your collections

Run reports and monitor the usage of your collections to make informed decisions for your institution.

What customers say about our collections management solutions

[You can] take all these disparate, divided groups of data you have in all sorts of different formats at your institution and bring them together so that staff and users, whether scientific researchers or high school students or whomever, would be able to have access.

Melissa Bechhoefer Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The solution goes with the flow of what archivists do. I find that it handles the complete workflow for an archivist efficiently and effectively. I can get an instant visual representation of the complete archive, which I find extremely valuable, and adding the strong support for managing digital born content, it really is a solution any archivist would benefit from working with.

Chris Hilton, The Wellcome Trust Wellcome Trust

Because Axiell’s collection management system meets the EU Standard for cataloguing collections we can take a best practice approach to collection management, with a technology solution that supports open data and enables the SFI to manage multiple collections within the same system.

Mathias Rosengren, MD of Film Heritage Department Swedish Film Institute Swedish Film Institute

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