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Online collections management

Manage your museum and archive collections from wherever you are with our flexible, intuitive and web-based collections management system. Axiell Collections is simple to use and can be accessed wherever you are, through a browser.

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Leading software

Catalogue, manage and organize your collection

Manage all your collections data reliably and safely. Whether cataloguing, managing acquisitions and loans, managing movements, storage or conservation, or organizing events, you can handle all these processes and more with ease.

Accessible everywhere

Access your software through a web-browser

Unlike traditional collections management software, Axiell Collections doesn’t keep you tied to your desk. Manage your collections online anytime, anywhere through your desktop, laptop or tablet. Whether you’re working in an exhibition space, organizing a storage area or in a meeting, your collections data is at your fingertips.

Viewing an exhibition

Easy to use

Designed for users of all abilities

Axiell Collections’ intuitive design is easy for new users to understand so less time is spent getting staff and volunteers up and running with the software.


Personalize and adapt the platform for your users’ needs

Not everyone in an institution works with a collection in the same way and different users require different access. The software can be tailored to meet the needs of every user.

Why choose Axiell Collections?


All you need is a web browser, no plug-ins required. It's responsive so you can log in on laptops, desktops and tablets.

Standards compliant

Built to industry standards including SPECTRUM, ISAD(G), DACS, RAD, RDA, MARC, FRBR, EN 15907, CIDOC guidelines and Getty ‘Object ID


Store, search and present information in multiple languages. Collections is UNICODE compliant and also works with right-to-left languages.

Secure acccess

User permissions can be set for users or groups of users to protect access to sensitive data.

Sophisticated search

Simple and advanced search options allow you to find whatever you need in your database quickly and easily

Web publishing

Integrate with web publishing software so you can publish your collections online

Location management

Manage item locations, track movements and organize relocations

Accessions and acquisitions

Manage accessions and acquisitions and store relevant contracts and documents

Flexible reporting

Generate flexible and automated reports. Unlimited custom reports can be created using stylesheets (XSLT) or MS Word templates.

Manage hierarchies

Easily browse, edit and order hierarchies

High quality media viewing: IIIF compliant

View multimedia within the software and deep zoom on high-res images

Conservation monitoring

Document and manage condition checks and conservation works

Multidiscipline collections

Manage everything from archives, through arts to anthropology in one central database

Exhibition planning

Plan exhibitions and store narrative information

Effective thesaurus

Manage your own thesaurus or link to external thesauri to ensure consistency of terms

Easy imports

Import data into upload data in CSV format in any of the available databases

Flexible exports

Selectively export data in XML or to Excel , comma separated or other user defined formats

Open API

An open API allows you to integrate with 3rd party software

Axiell Collections works with

What our customers say about Axiell Collections

It is amazing to be able to tie collections together with the thousands of others worldwide. A search that starts at the Swedish Historical Museum may lead to other archives, institutions, countries and even continents. We are excited about our collaboration with Axiell to enrich our collections and work with digital solutions in new ways.

Wilhelm Lagercrantz, Digital Development Historiska, Stockholm

It’s a huge benefit that we can work remotely. We are not dependent on the hardware that is stored in the Museum. I can also give other people access, such as volunteers and students of the Reinwardt Academy, who will help out with the upcoming collection management tasks. One intern recently had an accident and could only work from home. With Axiell Collections she can still do her job thanks to the online service.

Anna Stolyarova, Museum Director Street Art Museum, Amsterdam

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