Engage your community with web-publishing for archives

With a fresh new look, responsive design, optimised search functionality and a wide range of customisation options, access to your online archives is significantly enhanced for the general public.

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Benefits of using CalmView

Calm View advanced search screenshot

Works on any device

Responsive and web-based user interface

Make it easy for the public to access your archive collections with our simple and intuitive design, accessible using any modern device.

Search made simple

Searching your archives has never been easier

Searching is much simpler for users in CalmView. We’ve re-designed the interface, filters and added extra features such as the ability to store popular searches.

Increase your public engagement

Build relationships and engage the public

Choose from a range of social widgets to help boost your social channels and keep the public up to date with your knowledge and services.

Personalise your platform

Give CalmView a style that suits your organisation

Change the look of your online search by choosing from one of our built-in themes (which you can easily modify with no need for extra development work).

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