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Schools and universities provide an invaluable service to society by educating the next generation. In educational institutions at all levels there is a need to provide equal and easy access to knowledge and information, encourage learning and discovery and create engagement with learning materials.

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Digital media

Provide digital and physical reading material and audio

Enhance the learning experience of students by providing access to e-books, audio books and your library catalogue in one place.

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Collaborative working

Facilitate collaboration between teachers, librarians and students

Help teachers, librarians and students work more closely together. Provide each role with tailored tools that support the learning process, assign tasks and allow everyone to create collections of physical and digital resources, as well as publish their own material.

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Set tasks

Facilitate individual and group learning tasks

Teachers can create learning tasks for individual students or for a class, follow up on set tasks and interact with students directly.

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Quality assess your resources

Gain an understanding of how your resources are used and make decisions on how to increase engagement.

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Historical collections

Enable access to historical collections for research

Manage special historical collections and archives and provide access to that knowledge for student learning and research, directly in the classroom.

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In the tender, we focused on the system chosen being able to function as an educational platform where the school library staff could easily inspire the students to read and continue to seek knowledge. It was also important for us that the system could function as a common area of collaboration in order to co-utilize the school library's common media stock.

Sofia Malmberg, coordinator for the school libraries in Järfälla municipality, Sweden Järfälla municipality, Sweden

Internally, the collections team uses the system for all the things you would expect; all the collections management, curatorial tools, preparing exhibitions, cataloguing, new acquisitions, tracking collections care, everything in that range. As a University museum we have quite a high teaching and research load, so it’s the first port of call for starting off all our teaching and research enquiries, but we’re also trying to get the outcomes of that research back into the system.

Durham university interview
Helen Armstrong, Collections Registrar Durham University Library

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