Spark SLS

Cloud-based School Library Services System

Your tool for managing box collections, artefacts and school bulk loans.

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How Spark SLS works for you

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive SLS management software

Built to the latest web, security and accessibility standards, Spark SLS enables school services staff to manage their resources and customers effectively.

Flexible box management

Create fixed or bespoke boxes

With Spark SLS you can create prepacked subject boxes or generate bespoke boxes upon request. These can be issued to schools, colleges or individuals on a termly, half termly or annual basis.

Efficient Administration Tools

Easy administration of schools, deliveries, and collections

You can link teachers and other staff to schools on the system. In addition, individuals can be created, e.g. independent and home tutors. View loans for each person or all loans for an institution, meaning you can know where your stock is at all times.

Set delivery routes and schedules based on term dates and school locations.

Public Library Librarians

Integration with other systems

SLS, School Libraries and Public Libraries sit harmoniously in one system

Cover all of your public library and school library needs in one system. This enables for one borrower card to be used throughout the system, with differing permission according to where it is being used. Stock can be fixed for use only within a specific service or allowed to be flexible across services.

This facilitates shared bibliographic services and staff training. Sharing a system reduces administration and shares the cost of the management system.

Why choose Spark SLS


Configure roles and permissions to give staff a range of access levels.


Control and view all aspects of circulation. Managing the relationship between teachers and institutions. Generation and circulation of fixed and bespoke box collections, including van delivery.


Manage and monitor your requisitions and spending. Connect to your suppliers through the Axiell EDI hub all from within Axiell Spark SLS.


Choice of cataloguing options and search criteria for managing your library stock.

Management information

Monitor and track performance.

Spark SLS works with

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