Group Management Team

Keeping all parts of our business running smoothly and working together requires a management team that works across countries and sectors, and one that is strongly connected to our mission.

We asked our management team to share cultural locations and literature that mean something to them personally, and this is what they had to say.

Maria Wasing

COO & Executive Vice President

"I collect reading experiences and maintain my “must read bucket list”. Starting a new book is like entering into a new world for me. Every experience is different: from fun, seeing another viewpoint and opening new perspectives which leaves you thinking to utter sadness. One of the experiences I remember the strongest is Imre Kertész novel "Fatelessness", which I warmly recommend! I also gladly welcome your recommendations!"

Andreas Ekberg

Chief Financial Officer

"I saw Hilma af Klint's paintings for the first time at the fantastic Guggenheim Museum in New York and was completely taken by her powerful, abstract art. Her work is a treasure that was hidden for decades but has since rewritten history as we now know she was a predecessor to Kandinsky."

Henrik Béen

Chief Product Officer

"I must admit that I am something of a history buff. I simply love going to museums and being absorbed by our common heritage. One of my latest experiences was visiting the Imperial War Museum in London, which is an absolute favorite. My family literally had to drag me out. Like many people, my reading comes in waves. And when it does, the feeling of being totally consumed by a story is priceless. Last time this happened, it was Albert Camus’ “The Stranger” that gave me that feeling."

Sebastian Svärdebrandt

Chief Information Officer

Group Teams

Joel Edlund

Head of R&D

"In Bohuslän, Sweden, in the northwest of the island Tjörn, there is a place called Pilane, a cultural landscape with ancient remains from the Stone Age and Iron Age. For the past 15 years, there has also been a sculpture park here that showcases contemporary sculpture. This is one of my favourite places, just a short walk from my summer house and you can wander around among stone walls, grazing sheep and large-scale sculptures. An inspiring and extremely powerful experience. Google "anna tjörn" and you'll understand!"

Gustaf Mellberg

Director of Global Marketing

"Growing up in the province of Dalarna, I have always felt a strong connection to the artists' Carl Larsson and Karin Larsson. Visiting the couples' home and mutual art project, now a museum, in the idyllic village Sundborn is an experience in the cross-section between art, interior design and Swedish traditions."

Elisabet Thylander

Head of Finance and Administration

"'The Diary of a Young Girl' moved me deeply when I read it, at about the same age as Anne Frank was when she started to write her diary. It's a book I will always remember and I think it is a topic that unfortunately still is relevant today and a book well worth reading."

Stefan Tonkin

Head of Group IT

”I’m a huge fan of learning about and visiting places which changed the course of history. One example that has really stayed with me was my visit to the Musée Lumiére in Lyon, France. It dawned on me then that once the brothers Lumiére had shown their first film to a selected audience then the world would never be the same. Can it get bigger than that?”

Johanna Nyhill

HR Director Operations

Division Teams

Joachim Läckberg

Vice President Sales & Operations, PL&E

"Since I’ve had the privilege of visiting many libraries and cultural institutions over the years, I have to say that the atmosphere and dynamic of a well-attended public library is hard to beat. As an avid Francophile and former resident of Avignon, I must mention this gem of a town where I was introduced to the great French classics, both in music and literature."

Malcolm Howitt

Vice President Sales, ALM

"I love the work of César Manrique. Lanzarote is one of our favourite places, and the influence of his architecture, art and sculpture permeates the island. However equally important was his political influence in encouraging sustainable development, which has allowed the island to remain true to its cultural history and natural beauty without being spoiled by the worst effects of mass tourism."

Ryan Scapellato

VP Sales ALM North America

“I was taught to appreciate art at a young age. Visiting galleries and museums was a common occurrence growing up, with accomplished painters in the family. My appreciation has only grown stronger with travels to the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Vatican City, and Uffizi Gallery to name a few. European attractions are particularly interesting with collections spanning millennia. I will always remember walking down the corridor at the Galleria dell’Accademia to the awe-inspiring view of Michelangelo's David, an unrivaled iconic masterpiece.”

Dylan Graaff

Vice President Operations, ALM

"I love visiting museums all around the world. They are the treasure troves of human history, art, and innovation. Each exhibit tells a unique story. When I step through those entrances, I am immediately transported into the past, a different culture, or an entirely different way of thinking. But what truly makes museums remarkable is that they foster a sense of wonder and curiosity. They spark questions, ignite curiosity, and often leave me with the desire to learn more."

Chris Fincham

Head of RVR

Meet the board

Mats Hentzel

Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board of Axiell AB, First Reserve AB, Omniagruppen AB, SoftIT SK AB, AxiellOmnia Invest AB, Relation & Brand AB. Member of the Board of EmCe Solution Partner OY, Axiell Fastighet AB.

Joel Sommerfeldt

Board Member

Member of the Board since 2002. CEO and president, Axiell Group. Chairman AB Kelva, Handelsbanken Ideon and Sommerfeldt & Partners AB. Leading positions and board experience in a number of international companies in media, IT, shipping, packaging, retail industry.

Stein Kleppestø

Board Member

Member of the Board since 2016. Stein is Associate Professor at Lund University School of Economics and Management and Partner in Blueberry Hill Management Consulting. He has extensive experience in strategy, organization and leadership development.

Annikki Schaeferdiek

Annikki Schaeferdiek

Board Member

Member of the Board since 2019. Chairman of Competella AB, Member of the Board of Syster P, Proact IT Group AB, and FormPipe Software AB. She has extensive experience in the IT and telecom sectors, both as member of the board and operational roles in international companies.

Joakim Nideborn

Board Member

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