Updated: Information about ransomware attack in Norway

Updated 29 June

All customers are now back online with core services after the hosting centre in Oslo was targeted by a security attack on June 23rd. Investigations of the incident showed that a ransomware attack targeted the Mikromarc library system and customers in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Axiell has, since the attack, rebuilt our infrastructure environment with best practices for recovery. Efforts to return full service are continued in progress, focusing on protecting data and ensuring that recovery is being implemented safely. The process to fully open all services, including web services, will continue as quickly and safely as possible. Some customers have experienced performance issues that we are aware of and are working to solve.

Axiell is cooperating with an international IT security firm to investigate the attack and leverage their process to reinstate the service securely, while protecting data and minimizing further impact on our customers. There are currently no indications that data has leaked from the infrastructure. A Personal Data Breach report has been made to the Authority for Privacy Protection.

Axiell is actively managing this incident with a crisis team and all available resources across the organization and will continue to do so until resolved. All affected customers have been informed and are receiving regular updates as quickly as we can, while also ensuring that we manage the incident.

The incident has been reported to the police since this is a serious criminal act. In addition, Axiell is in conversation with the relevant local authorities in Norway, Sweden and Finland as well as supporting customers with their communication needs.

For more information:

Kjetil Hillestad
VD Axiell Norge AS

Phone: +47 922 63 056
E.mail: kjetil.hillestad@axiell.com

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