Videoopptak fra vår brukerkonferanse: 2022 Axiell North American User Conference

Se videoopptak fra vår 2022 Axiell North American User Conference holdt på Oriental Institute i Chicago.

Rundt 70 brukere deltok fysisk i Chicago, mens mer enn 300 brukere deltok online.

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Dette sa noen av deltakerne (på engelsk)

  • «The conference provides a lot of opportunities for one-on-one conversations with key Axiell staff, as well as a chance to connect with other users.»
  • «[It’s a] worthwhile event to get up to speed on latest developments and experience user-driven solutions.»
  • «It’s a fantastic way to learn about all of the new updates, solutions to problems, and projects that other colleagues are working on. Axiell staff are super approachable and friendly.»
  • «It is a great way to be inspired, encouraged and have honest conversations about EMu.»
  • «Don’t hesitate, just go and meet other data nerds.»
  • «This was an amazing event linking all the relevant people in this field together to discuss best practices and issues. Also allows us to communicate directly with the vendor.»

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