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Axiell Sapphire

Rapid digitization technology

Axiell Sapphire enables the creation of Rapid Data Entry forms and editing interfaces to your collections data within EMu.

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Rapid data capture, streamlined work processes

Design data entry forms to suit your workflows and lead your users through the rapid, accurate and efficient capture of data.

Create simple, safe forms

Create simple, easy to use forms that even untrained users can master, and harness the power of volunteers and the public to address digitization backlogs.

Web-based access

Create attractive web forms that integrate seamlessly with your Collections Management System from desktop or mobile devices; search your data and edit the results.

Integrated image capturing

Include images in your forms and allow users to upload images.

Why choose Sapphire?

Responsive, intuitive interface design

Forms built in Sapphire are adaptive to your device, and can be designed for portrait or landscape orientation, in one or multiple columns.

Rigorous security validation

Sapphire’s seamless integration with your Collections Management System ensures that all access and changes to data are mediated by rigorous security and validation processes.

Rapid capturing and monitoring

A real-time dashboard provides authorized users with a statistical overview of digitization and data entry projects.

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