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Se opptakene fra Axiell Digital Days 2024!

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Axiell employees at Natural History Museum

Mimsy XG

Collections Management Software

Mimsy XG is an easy to use and simple to implement Collections Management System.

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Catalogue, manage and organize your collections

Manage all your collections data quickly, reliably and safely. Whether cataloguing, managing acquisitions and loans, managing movements, storage or conservation, or organizing events, all these processes and more can be handled with ease.

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Easy to use

Designed for users of all abilities

Mimsy XG is easy for new users to understand so less time is spent getting staff and volunteers up and running with the software

Why choose Mimsy XG?

Easy search

Search for objects or groups of objects in your collection with ease

Import and export

Import and export your data

Multimedia manager

Manage multimedia, text files and physical objects data in one central database

Secure permissions

Manage user permissions and access to records and authority files

Consistent authority terms

Ensure consistency of authority terms by linking to external thesauri and people databases

Web publishing 

Mimsy XG integrates with web publishing software so you can publish your collections online

Flexible reporting

Generate flexible and automated reports based on your institution’s needs

Conservation monitoring

Document and manage condition checks and conservation works

Multidiscipline collections

Manage everything from archives through arts to anthropology in one central database

Open API

An open API allows you to integrate with 3rd party software

What our customers think

Axiell’s products are really flexible and easy to implement. Each department has specific needs in terms of how they create and access data, and Axiell allows me to customise this. Data can be created and accessed in a variety of ways and meeting a variety of needs, while being stored in a single database. The process as a whole saves time and resources for the museum.

Rebecca Menendez, Director, Information Services and Technology Autry Museum of the American West

It’s been a really good, functional, stable system for us and it’s got a good support system. We’ve been working with the same core team since we started and they’re still working on it now so it gives you that trust element. They know our database really well, and they know us really well.

Beth Ellis Interview
Beth Ellis, Curator of Digital Collections and Web Editor P & O Heritage Collection

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