86% of People Say Library Staff Positively Impact Their Visit

Axiell is pleased to announce that our full Service Catalogue is now available online.

At Axiell, we believe that simple means better outcomes and that by providing simple access to the right resources, you will have more confident staff running your libraries more effectively. This in turn, means that you can deliver a better service for your community.

Well-informed and well-trained staff perform better and, by automating administrative tasks and providing staff with an in-depth understanding of our tools, the Axiell Service Catalogue can help you maximise the potential of your library systems.

Additionally, with an increased amount of untrained volunteers joining the workforce and many existing staff having to change roles, investing in your staff has never been more important. We understand that not everyone can be a fully trained librarian, but with the help of our Service Team, anyone can help run the library.

To that end, the Axiell Service Catalogue is a simple to use tool to help you identify and request the right package for your staff – from online courses, or 1 to 1 consultancy to full managed services, there is a solution for all libraries to meet their patrons’ and stakeholders’ demands.

Well-trained staff and volunteers help provide a greatly improved user experience, as evidenced in our Library of the Future report, in which 86% of people said that library staff positively impact their visit.

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