Announcing Axiell Arena 3.1 Update

We are pleased to announce the release of Axiell Arena 3.1, the latest upgrade to our library discovery tool.

As part of the Axiell Digital Library, Arena 3.1 is much more than just a catalogue discovery tool. Patrons can renew loans or search the catalogue, and a content management system (CMS) allows library staff to communicate and build engagement with their community. In addition, Axiell Arena acts as a digital hub, integrating with other solutions, such as Axiell eHUB to bring together e-resources.

Arena 3.1’s patron-facing interface is designed for simplicity of use and can be customised to fit seamlessly with the design of your council’s central website and branding.

It is chiefly for this reason – the ease in which users found accessing library services through the council’s central portal – that current Arena customers were praised in recent research by SOCITM.

Now, with the release of Arena 3.1, the tools available to public libraries are greater than ever.

Key updates include:

  • Improved performance – Improved system performance and accuracy of search function.
  • Improved usability – Simpler user experience for patrons, including log-in with only library card and PIN, and an updated Content Management System to make it easier for staff to update and maintain their site.
  • Improved integration & personalisation – Arena is design to integrate with others. 3.1 can run on any LMS and has the ability to incorporate digital content using into the OPAC using Axiell eHUB, without directing patrons to a third party site!

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