Axiell EU User Conference Agenda for Public Libraries

Welcome to the Axiell European User Conference

09:30 AM – 09:45 AM, Kelvin Building – LT 257


Axiell’s Future Plans & Vision

09:45 AM – 10:15 AM, Kelvin Building – LT 257

A summary of Axiell’s future plans and vision, Ben will give insight into how the company plans to move forward into next year and beyond, and what that means for you, our customer


Axiell Development Roadmap

10:15 AM – 11:00 AM, Kelvin Building – LT 257

Alex and Ian will present the development roadmaps for ALM and PL products and services respectively. You’ll find out what we’ve got in the pipeline and see how we’ve moved on since this time last year.


Libraries Roundup

11:30 AM – 11:45 AM, Kelvin Building – LT 222

Introduction by Ann Melaerts, followed by John Kelly taking you through a roundup of everything you’ve told us over the last year and the progress we’ve made, plus a few other things we’ve been working on.


Implementing a Culture Card

11:45 AM – 12:15 PM Kelvin Building – LT 222

Understanding and tracking cultural engagement with the Cambridgeshire Culture Card

In this presentation, Michelle Lord will discuss the development of a new and ambitious project of potential national significance that puts libraries at the core of the wider cultural offer. The Cambridgeshire Culture Card aims to increase cultural engagement by children and young people from low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds, acknowledge the contribution this makes to young people’s learning, skills and personal development; and measure the impact of this engagement against a range of research outcomes on a longitudinal basis. The presentation addresses the potential of data to drive an evidence based model for more effective strategy, taking a user led approach, diversifying audiences and increasing sustainability.


From Customer Driven Innovation to New Product Launch

01:15 PM – 01:45 PM, Kelvin Building – LT 222

Charting an exciting collaborative project between Axiell and customers to turn an idea into reality

This is an exciting opportunity to see how your views shape our development road map, mapping the route from idea to conception of a new product.


Technology and the Health Offer

01:45 PM – 02:15 PM, Kelvin Building – LT 222

East Riding Libraries Health Offer – utilising Axiell products and partnership working to take Health Promotion to the next level

Using the suite of Axiell products such as Open Galaxy, Arena, Library App, and eHub, East Riding Libraries work hard to ensure Health Promotion is constantly on the radar of staff and customers.

Making use of resources such as the Digital Reminiscence Therapy Unit and the Sporting Memories app, Reminiscence is a key weapon in our arsenal to supporting residents with health related queries.

We take our role in the community seriously. Our development of relationships with Leisure Centres and Public Health is crucial to allowing us to continue our work. Our aim: to create a holistically joined up customer offer and feed into key local agendas across a number of departments.


Using Open Data to Create Additional Value

02:15 PM – 02:45 PM, Kelvin Building – LT 222

This presentation will introduce Open Data, why it is becoming more popular, and its benefits to cultural institutions and the public. Including examples of trusted sources of data that can be used to enhance our systems, and add value to the user experience. It will also cover how making our own data open can lead to it being discovered in new ways, and used in new contexts.


Getting ready for GDPR (Combined Culture Session)

02:15 PM – 02:45 PM, WMB – Hugh Fraser Seminar Room 2

Session with Naomi Korn, one of the UK’s leading experts in copyright, compliance, rights and licensing.

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are coming into force in the UK in May 2018 and it is important that you understand your legal obligations. The session will be an introduction to GDPR and how it may affect your organisation.


Workshop: GDPR and your Axiell systems (Combined Culture Session)

02:45 PM 03:15 PM WMB – Hugh Fraser Seminar Room 2

This interactive workshop with Naomi Korn and Axiell product experts is specifically designed for Axiell users. The session explores the relationship between Axiell systems and your broader organisational requirements under GDPR.


Arena Tips & Tricks

03:45 PM 04:15 PM Kelvin Building – LT 222

Free product training with Axiell’s Training staff.


Public Library Product development requests

04:15 PM – 04:45 PM, Kelvin Building – LT 222


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