Axiell Partners with Living Map to Enrich Cultural Discovery with Advanced Wayfinding

Toronto, Canada, 6 March 2024 – Axiell, the world’s leading software and services provider for the cultural sector, announces partnership with Living Map, a leader in digital wayfinding and mapping technology. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the companies’ longstanding relationship, solidifying their commitment to enhancing visitor experiences in cultural institutions globally.

Living Map’s innovative real-time navigation tracking software is seamlessly integrated with Axiell’s digital engagement platform, CultureConnect. This integration empowers CultureConnect users with advanced wayfinding capabilities, and customisable route creation functionality tailored to diverse user needs and abilities.

“We first partnered with Living Map to create an enhanced navigation experience for a CultureConnect client who struggled with an exceptionally large and intricate campus. Our pilot project with Living Map allowed us to enhance this client’s CultureConnect mobile guide with real-time navigation support and step-by-step route creation powered by Living Map,” says Emily Gumpel, Axiell’s Director of Sales and Digital Strategy for CultureConnect. “Living Map allows our clients to layer their mobile apps with stories driven by the physical navigation of their spaces. This is an evolution of the mixed digital and physical storytelling approach that CultureConnect has honed since its inception. We look forward to bringing these new opportunities for visitor engagement to our culture sector clients.”

Commenting further on the partnership, Peter Asman, CRO at Living Map stated, “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Axiell and to build on the immersive and intuitive experience we are creating for our respective clients. More broadly, this partnership reflects the strong partner relationships we enjoy across our industry verticals and the momentum we are carrying into 2024 and beyond.”

With a shared vision of enhancing visitor engagement, Living Map and Axiell are poised to transform the way users navigate and explore cultural sites worldwide. Through this partnership, Living Map becomes the exclusive mapping provider and wayfinding visualisation layer within the CultureConnect platform. The integration of interactive mapping capabilities will offer visitors seamless navigation and enriched contextual understanding, enhancing their exploration of cultural sites globally.


About Living Map

Living Map is a market leader in digital wayfinding and indoor / outdoor mapping. The company specialises in crafting dynamic, client-managed, and branded digital maps across a wide spectrum of environments, from intricate indoor spaces to expansive city areas. Living Map has earned the trust of global clients in transportation, healthcare, retail, culture, and smart spaces, including notable names like Canary Wharf, Kings Cross, and the Met Museum.

The Living Map Platform™ is a game-changer, offering a turn-key solution that excels in user-friendliness and intuition. It delivers real-time, customisable step-by-step directions, putting clients in control and benefiting visitors, patients, and travellers alike with time saved, reduced stress, and heightened satisfaction.

Unlike traditional signage or paper maps, the unique platform handles complex routes, accounts for real-time changes – such as construction and temporary closures – and optimises routes based on distance, time, and accessibility. Routes can also be curated with personalised guides and must-see stops, enriching the visitor experience, and transforming how they navigate the environment.

Beyond navigation, the Living Map platform™ is a data powerhouse, capturing insights into visitor behaviour and route popularity, boosting operational efficiency and revenue for clients. By extension, for Facilities Management and operational purposes, the same map can be configured to locate and find IoT tagged equipment and any range of fixed and mobile assets our clients might wish to define.

In essence, Living Map is a strategic partner for clients looking to transform the visitor experience while retaining full control over their brand and data. Living Map is reshaping the future of navigation, one map at a time.

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About Axiell

Axiell helps 13,000 customers share cultural information and knowledge with the world. Our platforms, software, and services help customers manage their collections, preserve cultural heritage, enhance learning, promote reading, and increase public engagement and accessibility. Our customers are libraries, museums, archives, and schools in 60+ countries. We develop innovative digital tools to transform the way our clients’ organizations work and communicate with their customers. We do this from 20+ offices worldwide, with headquarters in Sweden. If you want to know more about us and our products, please visit

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Emily Gumpel

Director of Sales and digital Strategy, CultureConnect, Axiell Group


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