Collections Management Podcast: Online Collections Trends & Success Stories

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At the Axiell LA Roadshow, we held a fascinating discussion panel on the subject of Online Collections. Four experts, from museums such as The Broad and The Getty, explored: harnessing social media, crowdsourcing, podcasts, 3D scanning, AI and where the field of Online Collections is going. In this podcast, you can hear some of 2018’s success stories and get insight on creating interactive experiences, whether you should be monetising your collection and what does ‘permanence’ mean for online collections?

The panellists were: Heather Hart, (formerly) Director of IT, The Broad; Rich Cherry, Principal, Modern Operations (Chair); Julia Falkowski, (Formerly) Web and Interactive Media Producer, Balboa Park Online Collaborative; David Newbury, Enterprise Software Architect, J. Paul Getty Trust (@workergnome).

Please note, Julia and Heather have since moved on to new roles. Heather Hart is now Vice President of Information Technology at The Huntington, whilst Julia Falkowski is now Content Designer at Intuit.

What was discussed during the panel?

Digital Photos

How can collections staff make better use of social media, AI and image data?

Crowdsourcing & Metadata

Enlisting enthusiasts, researchers and gamification in order to source metadata, catalogue data and tags.

Collections Personalisation

Does the public want to curate the collection themselves? Tools for teachers, Context aware systems and participating in the larger ecosystem.

3 Success Stories

Drawing on recent ‘Success Stories’, panellists discuss creating interactive experiences, monetising collections and Google.

Podcasts & Media Partnerships

Allowing greater exploration of collections, podcasts, social media engagement. Is it better to create your own content or work with experts? What are the risks involved? And working with for-profit organisations.

3D Scanning

Is now the right time? Why it’s different to other mediums.


What does permanence mean for online collections? What is going to change and what isn’t? How museums can learn from archivists and other disciplines.



Watch the full panel discussion here


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