Update to eHUB as Axiell Announces Partnership with OneClickDigital

We are pleased to announce a partnership with e-content supplier, OneClickDigital, part of Recorded Books, which will see thousands of titles added to our digital content solution, eHUB.

OneClickDigital boasts an impressive collection of over 175,000 e-books and 35,000 e-audiobooks, which will now be available in Arena for all eHUB customers, including LLC members, Lewisham and Tower Hamlets. This also unlocks more than 10,000 digital titles that are accessible exclusively to OneClickDigital customers, including many best sellers.

The importance of expanding library catalogues with digital content is becoming increasingly discernible for the library industry in the UK, as figures from recent years show.

  • Over 2.3 million e-books issued by UK libraries in 2013-14
  • Over 800,000 e-books stocked by libraries in the UK in 2014
  • UK digital e-book market predicted to triple to £1bn by 2018

Libraries must adapt to the growing demand for digital content in order to keep up with an increasingly gadget-laden public, whose desire to read extends from page to screen. What’s more, the library of the future demands it.

Part of our growing digital library portfolio, eHUB is Axiell’s response to these demands and the demands of librarians up and down the country for a solution which allows digital content to be seamlessly integrated into their catalogues and back office systems, bringing administrative tasks under one roof.

User experience will also improve as library users are able to find all this additional content in the same place that they would look for physical copies of their favourite books, Axiell’s discovery tool, Arena.  To see how eHUB is integrated into Arena you can watch this short video.

We are set to announce news of further partnerships with content suppliers in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for details.

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