We’ve Made the Spark Catalogue Hub More User Friendly

From now, both cataloguers and non-cataloguers will be able to use the Spark Catalogue Hub in a way that better suits their needs

In the most recent Spark release, our development team have been enhancing the workflow and functionality within the Catalogue hub to make the creation and modification of catalogue records more efficient, intuitive, and simple.

Visual improvements have been made to both MARC and non-MARC views to make it clearer and more coherent in the display of tag, tag name, and relative subfields; and workflow improvements have been made to the MARC view through quick tab entry, marc leader display and input, and inline string editing.

New functionality has also been implemented to integrate BDS data feeds within Spark. Through this integration users can seamlessly search, view, and import full record details directly into Spark, making the addition of new records into your library’s catalogue simpler and instantaneous for all users. A BDS data feed or BDS Live license is required to integrate this with your Catalogue. If you would like to learn more or purchase a license please speak to your Axiell Account Manager.

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