Who tweets from the Axiell ALM Twitter account?

If you’ve ever interacted with us on twitter via @AxiellALM  you might wonder who it is that’s replying to you or commenting on posts. From now on we’ll be including our initials on comments and replies so you can see who’s responded to you.

Below are the initials of people who interact with people on @axiellalm so that you can find out who you’re speaking to!

GS – Gayle Silverman, Manager, Continuing Education, Chicago, US

AR – Amanda Roy, Collections Technology Specialist, Toronto, Canada

KB – Klaus Bulle, General Manager, Germany, Potsdam, Germany 

SM – Sean Meagher, Marketing Manager UK, Nottingham, UK

TG –Tom Gregory, Marketing Assistant UK, Nottingham, UK

MW – Maria Wasing, CMO, Stockholm, Sweden

JB – James Byrne, EMu Support, Manchester, UK

CS- Cecilia von Schedvin, Marketing Manager Education, Stockholm, Sweden

LT – Laura Toma, Marketing Manager, Abu Dhabi, UAE

KN – Karin Nieberg, Sales Executive, Maarssen, Netherlands

CL – Christina Leahy, Director of Marketing – ALM, Manchester, UK

AN – Andreas Nordansjö, Digital Marketing Manager, Stockholm, Sweden

We look forward to speaking to you again soon!

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