Working From Home Options for Spark Customers

Working from home causes all kinds of challenges – finding a comfortable workspace, not being distracted by children/pets/partners, remembering to take breaks, etc. One thing that does not need to be a challenge is using your Library Management System!

Over the last few years Axiell has focused on making our solution cloud-based, so that you can work from anywhere, on any device, as long as you have an internet connection. This includes Axiell Spark, Stock Management Hub, Axiell Arena and ArteMIS.

Axiell Spark

You can continue using Spark in the same way as you would do in the library. By default there are no restrictions based on your location, and you will still have the same permissions as you would in your branch or at your desk. Some of our customers have chosen to lock down Spark to work on a specific network or a series of IP addresses. We can remove these restrictions during the library closures, with approval from your IT department, if you would like to give your staff the option to work from home. Just speak to the Axiell Service Desk to arrange this.

Stock Management Hub

During the library closures, you can use Stock Management Hub to analyse how your stock is performing. You can start the process of moving the stock around to ensure that, when your libraries open again, your stock is in the best possible position to perform well.

The physical process of moving the items will be set in action through the shelf check process once libraries are open. Stock Management Hub is a quite new addition to our solution, so if you do not have it yet and would like more information, please contact your account manager.

Additional Training

Some of our customers have raised that working from home has highlighted some skill and knowledge gaps in their staff. If during this time you find that your staff could use a refresher course or additional training in something new, let us know, as all our training and consultancy can be offered as webinars.

System Health check

We would also be happy to offer our popular Health Check days, to go through your configurations and processes, as 5 one hour webinar sessions.


Arena Administration is all done online and can be done from anywhere. You can use it to promote your eMaterial, stream virtual events, provide answers to frequently asked questions and now even chat with your borrowers! You can read a full blog on this subject here.


ArteMIS allows you access to your reports online, so this may be the perfect time to analyse your data and use your findings to consider changes for the future. If you are a MI managed service customer you can ask us for up to 4 bespoke reports a month to help you with your analysis as part of the service.

If you have any questions or would like more information please get in touch here 

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