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Be Clean: How to create and maintain quality data webinar

Ben Doty Software Consultant

No one has perfect data… If left unchecked, bad data can cripple the functionality of your system and frustrate its users both internally and online.

Making your data work for you requires controlling what goes in and knowing how to clean it up once it’s there.

This course will review the different features which can help you to maintain clean data, including mass edits, targeted searches, and data entry controls.

Aimed at

Anyone responsible for overseeing data and its quality in your Axiell system. Up to 8 people can attend this course.

Guidance level

Experienced users with some experience of the application.

Course type Webinar
Price £1000 £1000
Webinars can also be delivered as shorter, more targeted sessions if this price is out of reach.
Duration 1 day 1 day
One day of content is broken into four 90-minute sessions, which do not all need to happen in the same day.
Trainer Ben Doty Ben Doty
Ben has worked for Axiell as a trainer since 2016, delivering online, on-site, and in-office trainings on an ever-increasing number of Axiell products. In addition, he assists with testing, performs data migrations, consults on new products, writes documentation, and helps out anywhere else necessary.

Ben came to Axiell from a heritage background, working and volunteering at many museums and archives, as well as pursuing a degree in Museum Studies, giving him an understanding of how customers are trying to use Axiell products that he uses to improve training.

On site training is extremely beneficial for really focusing on how you want to develop and use the system.

Carly Davies, Denbighshire Heritage Service Denbighshire Heritage Service

The course gives a very good overview of what Designer can be used for, and makes it clear that anyone suitably trained can use most of the functions.

Paul Davidson, Hillingdon Heritage London Borough of Hillingdon

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