Introducing Axiell Digital Days

Connect with your community, explore product innovations, evolve with actionable insights

Join us 13-14 June for Axiell Digital Days – a free online event where you will learn about the latest in Axiell’s software and innovations across the cultural sector.

  • Learn about the latest updates and innovations in Axiell software
  • Explore tech trends shaping the culture sector
  • Gain inspiration from your peers and industry experts
  • Deepen your skills with free Axiell product training

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What is Axiell Digital Days?

Axiell Digital Days is our new online event, with live talks premiering 13 – 14 June, across Europe, North America and Aus/NZ friendly times, then available on demand.

We’ll be covering all the topics Axiell users need to hear about. You’ll hear the latest updates and plans for your software, receive free product training and learn all about the exciting trends driving innovation across the sector and across Axiell’s products – from AI to multichannel storytelling and beyond.

The event is open to all and completely free to attend. Register today!

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Share Your Story

Share your story of a recent project, milestone, or implementation at an upcoming Axiell event.
We will work with you to chose the event and format that will best showcase your story. From 5 minute lighting talks to 40 minute deep dives, we will share your story the way it deserves to be told.

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What about in-person events?

Axiell Digital Days will be complemented with regional meet ups later this year and into 2024. Stay tuned for updates!

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