Monthly Mimsy XG and Axiell Collections Webinar Series

We are hosting a series of webinars dedicated to updates, expertise and advice about Mimsy and Axiell Collections.

  • Jan 10: Support, Axiell Collections model, migration overview (Recording)
  • Feb 14: Axiell Collections functional demo with Mimsy in mind (Recording)
  • March 13: Deep dive, Catalogues (Recording)
  • April 10: Deep dive, Acquisitions/acquisition proposals (Recording)
  • May 8: Deep dive, Locations/containers, Handling/movement (Recording)
  • June 12: Deep dive, Media
  • July 10: Deep dive, Exhibitions
  • August 14: Deep dive, Loans

Webinars run the second Wednesday of each month at 15:00 BST. Recordings will be posted to this page.

Register for the webinar series here

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