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It’s not always easy to know ahead of time what training you and your team will need throughout the year. This has left many customers struggling to justify budget when important needs arise. We’ve introduced a new staff development subscription plan which allows you to budget for training annually, but book what you need, when you need it throughout the year.

It works on a points system which allows you to easily mix and match training to meet your exact needs.

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How does it work?

You order one of three subscription plans:

  • Standard (10 points)

  • Plus (20 points)

  • Premium (30 points)

Once the subscription order is placed you can use your points towards a range of training courses or webinars.The subscription cost is added to your maintenance schedule and you get new points to use every year.

Contact us to secure your package or check out the courses and consultancy packages included at the links below.

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